Saturday, February 18, 2012

Havana Cuba

 Cuba was the first vacation Ben and I have gone on, and by far amazing! My only regret is that I accidentally forgot to turn off the date setting for my camera. It's not even the right date. If you're interested in buying a print of any of these Pictures you can email me at I can blow them up and mount them.
 This was a detour we took on our way to Havana. We had to cross this bridge to get across the valley  that was 200 feet or more bellow.

 It was amazing what these Cubans drove! Old cars that had been restored and converted to diesel. These were everywhere and I loved it.
 Our first glimpse of Havana. An old neglected military base situated on a cliff overlooking the city.

 Havana herself. The architecture in this city was amazing! There was so much history and culture to soak up.

This is a museum where they had preserved all the war equipment used by Castro at the Bay of Pigs war. Nat and I sat on the ledge of the fence surrounding this museum and apparently that does not fly with Cubans. We were approached by a man with a big gun.

 This is the bar the mohjito was created in.

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